Decottopyric class:

21 • Decottopyric Weight equilibrators


Alcohol-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, food supplement without preservatives.

Physiological effect:

A useful product for system drainage and for stimulating metabolism.






Product features: The action of kombu (an alga) together with those of the other 17 herbs help your body regain and keep optimal lipidic balance, encouraging the reduction of skin imperfections associated with cellulite. This product restores proper function of base metabolism, has diuretic effects as well as a slimming action. Slim-Kombu (combined with the extract Slim-Kalormech) lies at the base of the post-Tisanoreica maintenance treatment.


The plants: Kombu, Pineapple, Damiana, Fucus, Taraxacum, Eleuterococcus, Muira Puama, Rosemary, Equisetum, Bearberry, Guar, Birch, Rest Harrow, Water-cress, Juniper, Ash-tree, Chervil, Nettle.


Format: 500 ml.