"We do not have a body,

we are a body"


Gianluca Mech


We educate people towards proper dieting and towards supplementing food with healthy and genuine products, both during and after the diet, so as to prevent diseases and improve their lifestyle.


We promote knowledge of one’s own physique and of one’s own emotional sphere in order to create and to strengthen the awareness that “we are what we eat”.


We discourage irresponsible self-care and encourage conscientious care of oneself relying on professionals specialised in health and beauty.


We value beauty and associate it with good health: the indispensable marriage of two key concepts.


We distribute high quality diet products, supported by reliable and secure diet protocols conveniently certified by scientific studies.


Through a wide range of excellent services, we offer not only products, but true projects with added value.


We collaborate with various bodies and associations which operate in the social field in order to fight obesity, a true plague which affects our time.