Nature Fashion

The beauty of good health!


With Nature Fashion, Gianluca Mech S.p.A. aimed to dedicate an exclusive professional trademark to the segments of beauty and fitness. Nowadays, more and more wellness and fitness centres have gradually become an important point of reference for the fans of the Tisanoreica world.

Not for nothing does the opening caption read “The beauty of good health”, a slogan which epitomises all that this young and promising trademark offers as a key message: taking care of one’s own beauty implies, above all, having one’s own health to heart. Therefore, this constitutes an absolutely innovative and original way of conceiving beauty, which has always been too closely associated with aesthetic rules and norms. In fact, care of one’s own body relies principally on an internal balance, an essential value which may be achieved by whoever intends to gain both exterior beauty and interior good health.

The experience inherent in the herbalist tradition which is over one century long could not fail to be at the service of beauty and sport, a discipline which in the planet of Tisanoreica – decoctions, meals and cosmetics – has found a satisfactory response to the many requests from consumers willing to lose weight and to stay in good shape with good and healthy food, with reliable dietary protocols and easily supplemented with beauty and sports programmes.

centro estetico palestra

The world of Tisanoreica and Nature Fashion provides excellent customer satisfaction not only due to the wide range of élitist products but also because it supplies a global service aimed at optimising the more and more hectic lifestyle which affects almost all of us. For most people, the time available for beauty care and sports activity is more and more limited so that being able to rely on dedicated spaces combining products, dietary and beauty protocols and motor activity, in the case of gyms, becomes a winning choice.
This is how the “universe” Nature Fashion was born: with the aim of presenting a global concept where methods and products act in perfect synergy and yield extraordinary results. Nature Fashion is comparable to an individual and perfectly balanced sound played by an orchestra with many musicians who produce as an ensemble “the beauty of good health”, a melodious and harmonic concert by the composer Gianluca Mech S.p.A.