Since 1911 in every family

Balestra Mech is a historical company trademark which embodies a synthesis of herbalist tradition and scientific evolution.

Pharmacies and herb shops have always dealt in products aimed at our well-being and with the Balestramech protocols and products, they have been for many years in charge of the wellness of Italians having at heart the family in the broadest sense of the term.

The mission these partners are engaged in is basically that of discouraging irresponsible self-care on all levels and to value the right attitude of “care” of oneself by relying on the assistance of professionals who are in a position to supply an all-round service targeted at solving specific problems.

Entrusting our self-care to pharmacists and herbalists means finding customised solutions around which the person or, better said, the family becomes the top priority to safeguard.


The world of Balestramech, which draws great strength from the herbalist tradition of herbalism applied in avant-garde scientific fields is a brimful basket of products created to meet various demands thus making it possible to achieve effective and durable results. Balestramech educates our family towards new dieting habits, aimed at choosing foods which do good and avoiding wasting money in other products which prove qualitatively unsuitable for reaching the ideal weight.

Slimming, however, is only one of the many components of a modified lifestyle, which embraces broader concepts such as healthy dieting, especially after the intensive phase of the diet.

Adopting Balestramech products means inheriting a natural attitude for prevention of the so many more or less manifest risk of diseases which we are exposed to. Sometimes “hidden” disturbances bring about serious complications to which Balestramech meals and mixes – decoctions or tablets – as well as the medicines prescribed by doctors, provide satisfactory and durable answers.

For all those who use our products, Balestra & Mech represents history, reliability, certainty in the result achieved as well as continuity of both supply and service.

Entering the world of Balestramech means valuing dearly not only our present, but especially our future and that of our children.