The etiquette of the Tisanoreica Diet

Although you are on a diet, sitting at table must continue to be an agreeable break!
Here are some good and healthy rules to go by as you pamper yourself:

  • Slow down when you have your meals: this will help you satisfy your appetite with less food!
  • Think about what you are eating: if you think of something else you will not savour your food!
  • Do not serve generous helpings: you will find that you can make do with what you have on the plate!
  • Do not watch TV while you eat: you will gulp your meal and this will make your digestion difficult!
  • Lay the table with a touch of creativity and elegance: you will feel better if the context is pleasant!


“God helps those who help themselves, or better …

Tisanoreica helps those who help themselves!”

  • Do not be lazy! Join a gym or take exercise in your own home.
  • Avoid taking lifts or escalators.
  • Do not park your car too close to your destination and treat yourself to a relaxing walk.
  • Never take the shortest way but choose a longer itinerary.
  • Try to find the time to have walks or to cycle.
  • Use your car or motorbike less and move your legs more.