The core of Tisanoreica goes back to the centuries-old herbalist tradition of Decottopia: this is an ancient method of extraction and preservation of the active principles of at least ten plants in liquid form without using alcohol, sugar, preservatives and gluten-free.

Decoctions were born to “Heal even before the disease occurs … to make up for what is missing and to avoid upsetting the balance of what is in harmony”.


These are the three key principles of this ancient wisdom born centuries ago from a dynasty of herbalists who re-elaborated and perfected a method which existed as far back as the XVI Century among the Protestant minorities of the Piedmontese Langhe. Contrary to what the pronunciation of “Decottopia” may suggest, the term does not refer to “decoctions”. In fact, its root derives from the Greek word “deka” (ten), which denotes the “method of the ten plants”. Indeed, while traditional phytotherapy does not bring together more than three or four plants in an attempt to avoid any possible antagonism, Decottopia uses at least ten, in the firm and amply documented conviction that careful combinations can only give rise to synergic interaction. Once the ten (or more) medicinal herbs that make up a mix have been selected, the active principles are extracted using gentle methods such as infusion, maceration and decoction. The extract is then concentrated in liquid form.

The result is an extraordinarily pure and totally natural product, not only on account of its formulation, but also due to the processing and conservation methods used.

The herb extracts obtained by means of Decottopia adapt perfectly well to the Tisanoreica Diet because they establish a positive interaction with ketosis, and thus prove to be precious allies during the various phases of the diet. It would be wrong, however, to think that decoctions may only be used within the context of the diet. All Tisanoreica extracts, known as “decoctions” in the jargon, are not medicines with therapeutic objectives but are used to improve the nutritional state, optimising the general feeling of wellness and enhancing the body’s physiological functions. For this reason, they are also ideal for those who do not intend to follow a diet protocol, but who simply aim to feel well.

These extracts should be diluted in water, thus helping hydration and depuration. Up to four different compatible extracts may be mixed.

Besides containing no preservatives, they are alcohol-free, sugar-free and gluten-free.

In order to recognise a product of the Decottopia® line from any other galenic form it is enough to check whether the cap in the bottle shows the seal which guarantees that the product is an authentic decottopyric one.  

The Decottopia process is a secret of the Mech family, who continues to hand it down from generation to generation, developing and renewing the formulas following the latest scientific advances.