The protocol: the purchase of Tisanoreica products

Tisanoreica Protocol

From the commercial viewpoint, Tisanoreica offers two parallel solutions: one involving the use of products of the ‘Original’ trademark line which are bought individually and another one consisting of convenient boxes which may be used in the various phases of the diet (Three-phase).

From the point of view of the results obtained, the degree of efficacy is the same in both cases. The distinction is mainly based on the possibility of personalizing the program: Tisanoreica Original allows the client to choose the various flavours of Tisanoreica meals while the Three-phase diet has a pre-established selection of meals available in pre-packed kits.


Besides the classical kit required for the phases of the Tisanoreica diet, other 2 kits are available: the “3 days” and the “6 days” kits. These kits involve the use of Tisanoreica meals and of decottopyric extracts within the context of a low-cal diet, thus making for a faster but less demanding slimming process in comparison to what may be obtained with the longer protocols of the Tisanoreica diet.