The post-protocol period

Once the diet has been brought to completion, the Tisanoreica Study Center suggests two eating programs aimed at maintaining the weight achieved:

- TisanoreicaVita menus: these are menus made up of meals of the TisanoreicaVita line. They are prescribed by the doctor when it is necessary to obtain a further slow and constant weight reduction, sometimes between one Tisanoreica protocol and the next or in the event of remarkable slimming. TisanoreicaVita protocols are sometimes prescribed as an alternative to the Tisanoreica diet on account of pathological conditions in progress.

- Post-Tisanoreica menus: these are low-cal balanced dieting outlines which are necessary for maintaining the weight achieved and to keep the results obtained. They include the consumption of Tisanoreica meals (if the client wishes to have them) and of decottopyric extracts, fundamental components of the menu.