The entrepreneur

Ever since I was very young, I have noticed that many people around me were obese. Some of my relatives were, too, and for many years I was obese myself.

It was then that I started wondering what I could do to improve my life and that of so many other people affected by this problem.

I began to study with great dedication and determination and understood that I could enrich even further the great patrimony of decottopyric tradition handed down to me by my family and put it at the service of a true dietary protocol, the Tisanoreica Diet.

Still today, Decottopia and Tisanoreica constitute the core business of my company.

Their synergic action has made it possible to improve people’s looks, their dieting habits, their way of perceiving themselves, not only aesthetically but also psychologically.

And this continues to be my greatest victory.

Gianluca Mech