17 false beliefs about Tisanoreica®

There is a lot of incorrect information, not based on any scientific proof, circulating about the Tisanoreica® Diet – especially on the web. We have called this misinformation “False Beliefs About Tisanoreica”, and since we have nothing to hide and we believe that “transparency” is very important , we are happy to publish information about this subject in a question-answer format, hoping to be of service to those who wish to know more about our diet proposals.

Is it true that the Tisanoreica Diet is a high protein (hyperproteic) diet?

No, this is false, as the opinion of the Higher Institution of Health (“Istituto Superiore di Sanità”) has recently confirmed. The Tisanoreica® Diet is a normal protein diet (normo-proteic), hypoglucidic (low carb) and hypocaloric (low calorie), and it ensures sufficient protein input to maintain the nitrogen balance of the organism. This is the index of the exchange of proteins and amino acids (determined by the relationship between the quantity of proteins introduced with one’s food intake and that lost in the same interval of time, and in an adult it should be the same). The protein intake is calculated beforehand for every individual by a doctor, on the basis of the patient’s state of health and other physical variables (age, weight, height, sex, physical activity…). With Tisanoreica, the protein intake is about 1.3 grams of protein per kilo of ideal body weight, so it is lower than the threshold expected in high protein diets.

Is it true that ketosis can be activated by eating fruit?

No, it’s false. Fruit contains simple glucides (sugars) which in fact “compromise” the process of ketosis. Therefore for the duration of the Original Tisanoreica® Diet the consumption of any kind of fruit is forbidden, but this “prohibition” only lasts for 40 days.

Is it true that once you go off the Diet, you risk putting the lost weight back on immediately?

No, this is false: several scientific studies – the latest was published in the international journal “Nutrients” – confirm that putting the excess weight lost back on following the Tisanoreica diet only happens to the extent in which the same nutritional errors made before the diet are repeated. The Tisanoreica diet protocol helps to lose excess weight fast, and thanks to the free nutritional/herbal advice offered by the team of experts in the Tisanoreica® Study Center, personalized suggestions are proposed to maintain the results achieved over time, by following a balanced diet. Moreover, Gianluca Mech SpA also offers a further weight control tool through the Genomech Test. This is a genetic test which examines your DNA and identifies which foods “make you put on weight”.

Tisanoreica is a bad habits diet, because it discourages physical exercise.

This is false. The Tisanoreica® protocol advises “correct physical activity”, compatible with the various phases of the Tisanoreica® diet. Physical activity can never be carried out at random, especially when you are following a slimming diet. In the first phase, the intensive one, and in the second stabilization phase, physical exercise which improves your posture, and your body’s flexibility and elasticity is advised, and not strenuous exercise. Yoga, pilates and gentle exercise is recommended. Once the slimming phase is over, all sports are recommended, so long as you have a medical, and the doctor issues a medical certificate for sporting activities. Just one piece of advice: “bursts” of sporting activity are discouraged during the diet.

Tisanoreica is a bad habits diet, because it requires the consumption of too many proteins, never any carbohydrates and forbids the consumption of fruit.

This is false, because the Tisanoreica Diet includes a maximum of 1.3 grams of protein per kilo of body weight, so minimally higher than the amount prescribed in a “correct daily diet” (1.2 grams) and significantly lower than the limits established in high protein diets. Carbohydrates are reduced to a minimum level of 20-25 grams per day: this is certainly lower than a classic diet, but on the other hand, if this threshold were higher, it would not be a ketogenic diet and would no longer achieve such efficient weight loss. Plus, all this only happens in the intensive phase of the diet ( this is for a maximum of 21 days), anyway. And, apart from some pathological medical situations, which have to be identified before starting the diet by means of the medical history form which the customer has to complete, the elimination of carbohydrates and fruit is absolutely temporary and does not represent any risk for your health.

Ketosis is bad for you, and can even be dangerous.

This is wrong. Usually the term “ketosis” is associated with certain acute complications due to diabetes. This is the main reason why there is resistance to and distrust of ketosis and why it is avoided. The Mech Lab was the first research laboratory in Italy dedicated to the study of ketosis. It is an institute within the Physiology Division of the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Padua, and its primary analytical aim is the study and promotion of knowledge concerning the process of “physiological” ketosis and its correlations with health, metabolism and physical exercise. Ketosis is a metabolic path that the body activates in order to use its fat deposits as a source of energy, and it does this when its sugar reserves are exhausted. Since it is natural and physiological, this mechanism does not provoke any damage in healthy subjects, but rather causes weight loss and the loss of localized body fat. Plus, the Tisanoreica Diet uses certain plant extracts, in the form of dried extracts in Tisanoreica food and liquid extracts through the ancient process of Decottopia. These preparations help the hepatic and renal functioning of the organism to dispose of the toxins contained in body fat, which would otherwise start to circulate through the body as a result of the slimming process. It is really important to purify the organism during any slimming process, because the organism tends to hoard all the toxins which during the course of its life it was unable to eliminate, in its body fat. It is because of the use of these medicinal plants that Tisanoreica is known as “Green Ketosis”.

Tisanoreica is an unbalanced diet which overloads the organism.

This is false, because the truely “unbalanced” diet is not Tisanoreica, which is followed for only 40 days, but the diet regime which led the subject to get fat. Right from an early age, for example, we habitually consume glucose syrup. This substance, which is added to many of our daily foods, and is an integral part of a great many food products, is very quickly absorbed from the stomach into the blood producing what is known as “a high glycemic index”, and can be identified in the list of ingredients contained in foods, which we often forget to read. A high glycemic index carbohydrate causes a sudden surge in blood sugar levels, which pushes the organism to produce insulin to bring blood sugar levels back within normal limits. It is absorbed by the muscles if you are engaged in physical exercise, or is transformed into fat, with a resulting sudden fall in blood sugar and feeling of hunger, which leads you to do something excessive – for example, you eat the whole packet of Twinkies: a perfect vicious circle…Among other things, the continuous production of insulin causes the organism to become addicted to this hormone and the body is obliged to produce more and more to carry out the same functions. This phenomenon, known as insulin resistance, can degenerate into various forms of diabetes. The Original Tisanoreica Diet requires an almost total suspension of carbohydrate intake during the first 20 days (the intensive phase), with a resulting fall in insulin production; in the second 20-day period (the stabilization phase) low glycemic index carbohydrates are introduced, which cause insulin production to be “gently” reactivated. Another benefit is that at the end of the dieting period, you also find an improvement in the respiratory exchange ratio: the ratio between oxygen and carbon dioxide demonstrates how the organism has improved the ratio of fat and carbohydrate consumption. In the final analysis, it can be said that the Tisanoreica Diet – once the intensive diet period is over – can stimulate the organism to adopt a truly balanced diet. There are very few non-compliances with the Tisanoreica diet – you can count them on the fingers of one hand – compared with the tens of thousands of Tisanorieca diets carried out successfully, and in any case, the reason for the non compliance is never attributable to complications of a physical nature caused by the diet. There is a lot of literature published on the advantages of a personalized ketogenic diet, just as there are a lot of studies showing the advantages of the “classic” personalized diet. On the other hand, there are a lot of publications showing the collateral effects of the “classic” diet followed in the wrong way (obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, uricemia). The point is, in other words, that there is no such thing as the “absolutely perfect” diet. There are different food regimes (vegan, ketogenic, omnivorous, etc.) which can be chosen on the basis of the specific objectives to be reached. But it should be remembered that there is no scientific publication in existence showing that the Tisanoreica Diet damages your state of health, whereas there are at least three publications in independent journals demonstrating the advantages of this diet, when applied correctly. “Rumors and gossip” should not be believed; only serious scientific work published in international journals.

The Tisanoreica Diet does not propose fresh food: it is based mainly on sachets and powder mixes you add water to, with the same basic ingredients, proteins and additives.

FThis is false. Contrary to what has sometimes been claimed in the past, The Tisanoreica Diet requires the use of a lot of fresh foods, for the most part vegetables, and – if you wish – also meat and fish, and the customer/patient can choose what he prefers. The Tisanoreica line has an extraordinary variety of products, which are consumed for a limited period of time with the aim of making the diet less “monotonous”, satisfying the consumer’s palate and eliminating the sense of deprivation. Of these products, the sachets only represent a small part of the Tisanoreica line: the drinks (chocolate, milkshakes and creams), soups and omelettes, and these are products which , as is well known, all food companies sell in sachets. The rest of the products are solid food products, just like those normally sold on supermarket shelves (penne, fusilli, rusks, croutons, biscuits, little cakes, chocolates, chocolate spreads, etc.). Tisanoreica products are rich in vegetable proteins to avoid the lean body mass being eroded, and contain water-soluble fibers which give a feeling of repletion and help with easy bowel transit. As regards the question of flavorings and additives contained in some Tisanoreica products, these are approved by the competent supervisory authorities and they are the same as those used in a huge number of food products on sale. But in order to allow people freedom of choice, Tisanoreica provides a wide set of alternatives, if a product contains an ingredient you don’t like.

The Tisanoreica Diet is a “do it yourself” Diet, which does not include the assistance of an expert doctor.

No. Since protein consumption must be correct and personalized, this is why the diet is checked by a doctor during the preparatory phase of the diet, and at any time our staff of specialists is available for free to check that our patients are maintaining the correct nitrogen balance. This is why we always advise patients to get the prior opinion of a doctor: in this way, the standard menu is adapted to the characteristics of the patient. In fact, in the Tisanoreica Study Center there is a team of doctors, specialists and nutritionists which are available for free, both during the whole period of the diet, but also later in the maintenance phase, for phone or web chat contact with our customers/patients to guarantee qualified and, as far as possible, complete assistance.

Tisanoreica is a diet only based on herbal teas.

No, the origin of the name is only a “play on words”, since some herbal medicinal products from an ancient tradition are used in the diet protocol.

The Tisanoreica Diet overloads the liver and kidneys.

No, This is wrong. Tisanoreica Diet products have been studied specifically to be “light”, and they are actually free from meat protein and rich in vegetable proteins. This prevents the build up of uric acid and saturated fats, which do not create any damage to the liver or kidneys, as many scientific studies that have analysed the Tisanoreica Diet have shown. Any statement to the contrary should be scientifically documented, and this has not been done.

Tisanoreica Diet foods are chemical, or at any rate they contain additives, coloring and preservatives.

In actual fact, most of the Tisanoreica® food components are natural: as well as medicinal plants, there are also vegetable proteins and water-soluble fibers which are delicious to eat, help smooth bowel transit and come from tomatoes and peas. It is true, therefore, that the food is fundamentally natural. As with many food products on the market, Tisanoreica products contain some coloring and preservatives, but they are all approved by the competent supervisory authorities and the Ministry of Health.

The Tisanoreica Diet is only useful for dieting, but then a Customer is left to his own devices and doesn’t know what to do.

No, the Tisanoreica diet protocol is designed to have three phases. The first “intensive” phase, which can be of varying length according to the amount of weight you have to lose, allows you to burn off fat and brings about a sizable reduction in kilograms. In the second phase, known as the “stabilization” phase, the organism tends to find an equilibrium and to be “normalized”, particularly in terms of food consumption. In the third, the “maintenance” phase, some good suggestions are given regarding eating well and healthily, which will help the customers who follow them to maintain the weight level reached. In fact, precisely in order to help our customers maintain their weight loss after finishing the Tisanoreica protocol, the doctors and nutritionists of Gianluca Mech Spa have developed the “Life” (“Vita”) line of products, which allow you to maintain a balanced diet, even when you sometimes want to break your eating rules in your day to day life. And the diet advice available from the Tisanoreica Study Center is proudly made available completely free of charge, both to help people to lose weight, and to maintain that weight loss.

The Tisanoreica Diet is psychologically debilitating because it substitutes food with herbal teas and concoctions.

The intensive slimming protocol requires both the use of Tisanoreica products and Decottopia extracts – an ancient purifying herbal tradition which dates back for 5 centuries – but also classic foodstuffs from the high quality Italian food business, because Tisanoreica does not substitute the typical foods of the Mediterranean diet, but rather supplements them. In fact, one characteristic of this Diet is that people who follow it do not “want for anything” and feel no deprivation. It is possible to prepare a Tisanoreica Tiramisù, for example! So no one following our diet advice has ever felt “psychologically debilitated”. Plus, the range of Tisanoreica products is really varied – soups, omelettes, crackers, breakfast cereals, yoghurts, desserts and so on. This means that you never have to feel deprived, especially if they are added to the daily food stuffs you are advised to eat.

The Tisanoreica Diet is a bad teacher, because it leads to bad eating habits.

In all of our founder Gianluca Mech’s books, it is clearly specified and underlined how important it is to have a balanced diet, to eat healthy, high quality ingredients and to train yourself both to choose your food on the basis of its nutritional properties and also to avoid those bad eating habits that brought you to being overweight in the first place. It is not enough to lose weight intensively for a limited period of time with a diet protocol like Tisanoreica. We are the first to emphasize how you have to continue to be committed to a proper weight maintenance regime and how it is also necessary to use “Tisanoreica Life” products, even if not exclusively, so that when you want to be a bit naughty you can still avoid putting on the weight you lost. The food advice given by the Tisanoreica Study Center to help you lose weight, or maintain your weight loss, is free of charge.

The Tisanoreica diet is the cause of food intolerances and allergies.

Wrong. If a person is allergic or intolerant to a particular substance, he or she cannot consume it. You should always read the list of ingredients to be sure that there is nothing which you are allergic or intolerant to, and that applies to all food products, not just ones from the Tisanoreica brand. Tisanoreica even has Gluten Free products for sufferers from celiac disease, thus showing our company’s awareness of these special metabolic situations. Obviously, there can be cases of personal intolerance to particular components. Nevertheless, all the ingredients are always clearly specified on the packs, and there is such a wide selection in the catalogue that everyone can choose the Tisanoreica food that is most suitable for them. The company is always highly vigilant about the quality of its products and promoting the health of its customers has always been the primary concern of company activities.

The Tisanoreica Diet is expensive.

This is not true. Even if it is more expensive than the normal daily diet, it is not more costly than many other diets. As well as the overall “cost” of the protocol, it should be remembered that this includes the specialized assistance of the Tisanoreica Study Center, which is provided for free for the Customer/patient, but which has a high cost for the company, not to mention all the research and development costs of a product line which has been scientifically tested and is always state of the art. The higher cost of the products is only for a limited time, anyway, and is justified by certain, demonstrable results in terms of successful slimming.


Thanks for reading this and taking into consideration the explanations we have offered here!