The Tisanoreica Diet from A to Z

Quality mixes: not “sachets” but true food specialities!

Tisanoreica mixes are made up of a patented formula containing medicinal herbs and amino acids of high nutritional value.

Unlike other products, Tisanoreica mixes are designed to meet the essential requirements of basic nutrients during the slimming process.

Furthermore, Tisanoreica mixes contain all the essential amino acids in the right proportion and their chemical index is equal to or higher than 110 (100 being the reference value attributed to the most complete protein existing in nature, which is that of yolk).

The high quality of Tisanoreica mixes is also evaluated against the Digestive Coefficient (D. C.) which helps understand how effectively the mix is used in our body. Tisanoreica mixes have a Digestive Coefficient of 94, which is undoubtedly an indication of top quality and greatest efficacy.

Tisanoreica Lifestyle

The Tisanoreica® Activator:  and extraordinary unique element!

The distinctive feature of Tisanoreica mixes is their natural heart: the Tisanoreica Activator. Years of research all over the world led to the careful selection of various plants which were then transformed into water-soluble phytoextracts and gently blended with the mixes without altering their taste.

These phytoextracts enhance the bioavailability of Tisanoreica mixes and help restore the natural balance in the body’s physiological functions during the slimming process so that they act as a perfect trait d’union which link mixes and extracts.


Delicious taste: as good as any other homemade food in our daily diet!

Tisanoreica takes particular care of the motivational factor which may be affected by the effort and sacrifices that a diet implies. Tisanoreica mixes imitate to perfection the taste of traditional food. They are available in different flavours to satisfy the palate and to stimulate the sense of curiosity, so that the person does not feel constrained to a restrictive regime and can undertake the diet in great serenity.

Tisanoreica mixes are easily prepared, are easy to use and can immediately be ready for use even outside the home.

They make it possible to obtain simple and quick dishes but also more creative and elaborate recipes.