Training Courses for Tisanoreica® Operators

The Tisanoreica® Diet is a weight-reduction protocol which must be followed with precision and rigor in order to get excellent results efficiently and safely. Based on this assumption, Gianluca Mech S.p.A has instituted a scientific M.O. in which training dedicated exclusively to Tisanoreica® operators is an integral part of our activities.

Our training courses have the aim of preparing Tisanoreica® operators so they can guarantee final users a clear, rapid grasp of the protocol so both the slimming and the maintenance phases are successful.

The Venues:

the venues of the training courses are decided on the basis of the content of each single course. In general:

• The short courses are held by specialized technicians in the Tisanoreica® sales outlets after a specific request has been made to their Tisanoreica® agent;

• The full-day courses or multiple-module courses are held mainly in the Tisanoreica® Study Centers in Vicenza and at the Training Center in Roma Prati and are taught by highly-trained personnel. Apart from courses in these two centers, courses are also organized in the most important Italian cities following specific requests and needs.

The Trainers:

these are qualified experts who are dedicated exclusively to spreading knowledge about the Tisanoreica® global method, Decottopia®, the cosmetics line Cosmech®, the nutritional-genetic service, Genomech®, and the diet supplement lines, Tisano®Complex, Erbomech® and Genomech®.

The Method:

the lessons take place in a seminar format with high profile experts who coordinate the training and help the participants, who in their turn do not only take part in the lesson, but can also interact with the trainers, by stimulating debate and brain-storming activities. .

The Frequency:

the basic courses are held all over Italy from the north to the south all year following the calendar planned by the trainers. After attending a course, the participants are awarded an attendance certificate.

For further information on all the types of courses held in Vicenza and in all the other Italian locations, the dates available, and other details, please send an email to:

For further information on all the types of courses held in Rome, the dates available, and other details, please send an email to:


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