The birth of ideas



Who would not like to have new and especially winning ideas in his life?
All of us would, of course!
All the more so in the case of companies which are strongly inclined to the development of products and innovative projects to offer consumers.
In Gianluca Mech S.p.A., the generation of fresh proposals and offers is a very vibrant process.
These ideas and projects stem not only from the collaborative work of an internal team that works with the classical method of “brainstorming”, but also from the response obtained from the market and from clients who are keen supporters of the Tisanoreica diet and of all that revolves around it.
We often welcome proposals of various types, ranging from the idea of a new product or of a project to special initiatives and many other things.
It sometimes happens that an idea which may at first appear trivial and simple, almost one that is taken for granted, gradually takes shape and materializes into a concrete reality.
However, intuition is not enough. We must turn it into real actions and support it sufficiently.
There are enlightened people, who are good at hitting on new ideas and at realising them and others, either laymen or novices, to whom new ideas may occur quite accidentally, however inexperienced they may be.
Then, there are others who are great at planning, leading and turning ideas into concrete plans and yet others who are able to analyze details and carry out ideas following a systematic method.
In short, in many different ways, all that comes from the minds and hearts of people is the result of planned work and of so much passion, knowledge and competence in the market segment, intuition and creativity but also the fruit of keen dedication and iron discipline.