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A highly innovative, free on-line service of nutritional and herbal consultancy of great added value.
Through the sites of Gianluca Mech S.p.A., the chat service will enable clients to contact the Team of the Tisanoreica Study Centre so that they can have their queries clarified or simply make inquiries about the Tisanoreica Diet Protocol and all that revolves around it.
The service is very easy to consult and makes it possible to provide very quick answers.

This helpful consultancy service operates from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (GMT+1).

Tisanoreica® Study Center

The Tisanoreica Study Center is an institute set up by Mr Gianluca Mech, creator of the global Tisanoreica project. The Institute aims at the in-depth study and development of the technical and scientific aspects of the global protocol on which the Tisanoreica Diet is founded, at promoting its programs and at meeting the clients’ specific demands.

The Study Center, situated on Asigliano Veneto (VI) – Rodolfo Mech 80, does not provide any commercial or marketing information about Gianluca Mech S.p.A, but only offers a scientific service and dedicated consultancy.

The activities of the Study Center

Medical Certificate for the Tisanoreica Diet

Given that the Tisanoreica diet is a free-sale product, it is best to ask for the doctor’s advice before undertaking this diet program for weight reduction. The doctor will then issue an ordinary medical certificate stating that you are fit for the Tisanoreica diet.

As an alternative, you can fill in a self-certification form attaching the examinations required which can be found in the footnote at the bottom of the form.

Self-certification is enough if you wish to ask the doctor’s advice regarding the basic protocol (20 days) but for medical advice related to the medium protocol (30 days) or the intensive program (40 days) it is necessary to produce your clinical history (anamnesis) as well as your blood tests.

The information mentioned in the self-certification also makes it possible to design a diet program for maintaining the weight achieved during the post-Tisanoreica period.


The Added Value of the Study Center

Should the patient’s state of health not be suitable for the global protocol of the Tisanoreica Diet, the Center will recommend an alternative diet for weight reduction.

The service is totally free of charge and is guaranteed by the Study Center through Gianluca Mech S.p.A, an enterprise which aims to establish with consumers a relationship based on honesty, clarity and openness in which the top priority is that of helping people feel well both psychologically and physically, whether they do or do not undertake the Tisanoreica Diet.



The Study centre organizes training courses at different levels for the various protocols and projects of Gianluca Mech S.p.A. These courses are targeted at scientists – Osteopaths, Dietologists and Dieticians, Nutritionists – and at distributiion channels of Gianluca Mech S.p.A., i.e. Pharmacies, Herb Shops as well as Beauty and Fitness Centers.



The Center promotes technical-scientific-medical research work on the global protocol of Decottopia and of the Tisanoreica Diet relying on authoritative national and international research institutes.

The Center also publishes the results of the research done, making them available to the general public and to professionals and users in the segment, in conjunction with Mech-Lab at the University of Padua.



The Center offers assistance and consultancy on the global protocol of the Tisanoreica Diet at Intisanoreica Centres and to qualified clients.


Quality Control

The Center analyses, assesses and checks the quality standards offered by Intisanoreica Centers and by qualified clients