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Tradition and passion since 1911

Over a century of experience in the field of herbalism at the service of wellness

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Prodotto da forno tipo grissino. Basso contenuto di zuccheri, con olio extra vergine di oliva...

T-Wafer al gusto di cacao

Wafer al gusto di cacao ricco di proteine e fibre...

Cocoa Drink

Product with the Tisanoreica Activator.

Depurative Antartico with Stevia

A useful aid as a depurative and draining product.


The core of Tisanoreica goes back to the centuries-old herbalist tradition of Decottopia: this is an ancient method of extraction and preservation of the active principles of at least ten plants...


INTisanoreica Center

The “INTisanoreica Centre” is a unique place where exclusive products and protocols of Gianluca Mech S.p.A...

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